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The approaches I use are designed to inspire, improve and alter both your thinking patterns and behaviour styles to create sustainable change.

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Counsellor &

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Elva Carter

Solution Focused Therapist

I am a registered and experienced psychotherapist, with a passion for creating sustainable change, providing services to clients in the private and corporate sector.

British Assosciation of Counsellors and Psychotherapists registration and certification badge.
Work Experience
Level 1 Counselling
Level 2 Counselling
Volunteer at Cruse Bereavement Charity
I also began my degree at Worcester University.
Graduated at Worcester University
My diploma then started at Clifton Practice for Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapy.
Graduated Diploma at Clifton Practise
Wellbeing Support Worker and Trainer at Mind Monmouthshire
COVID-19 Response Counsellor at Sodexo Hereford Hospital
Full-Time at Positive Change Therapies

Located in Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire

Creator, Innovator, and Thinker Behind Focus On Progress Transformative Therapy.

The Focus On Progress mindset will help you to believe that you can and will succeed. The changes happen as you begin to believe in yourself, your talents, and abilities.

Headshot of Scott, a male client at Positive Change Therapies. Headshot of Sam, a male client at Positive Change Therapies. Headshot of Amy and a her friend, a female client at Positive Change Therapies.

Scott and 50+ others have already progressed

  • Innovative new therapy.

  • Understand your strengths.

  • Believe you can succeed.

How I Can Help


Understand what causes anxiety, retrain your innate response to triggers and become more assertive. The techniques we employ will enable you to regain control of your thinking and feelings so that you begin to feel better.


Stress affects people in different ways. By exploring your behaviours, situations, thinking styles and feelings we can restore calmness and control, these are a vital part of you being able to refocus and move forward.


Different types of depression exist, with symptoms ranging from relatively minor to severe, making it difficult to normal activities. Generally, depression does not result from a single event, but from a mix of events and factors.

Relationship & Divorce

The cycle of emotions following a relationship breakdown can be similar to bereavement. You're likely to experience feelings of denial, anger, emptiness, and sadness. This is normal and you may even find yourself revisiting some of these emotions.

Parents of Teens

Younger people are usually really motivated to move forward. Therapy supports both the teenager and their families who have been struggling to cope with what their child is experiencing, leaving their parents feeling helpless, worried, overwhelmed and fearful.

Loss, Grief and Bereavement

Any form of loss, be it personal or financial, are deep psychological transitions. Exploring behaviours, situations, thinking styles and your feelings, can restore calmness and control - which is a vital part of you being able to re-focus and move forward.